The story behind Ms. Mischief

I’ve always loved wearing silk. There is just something special about the way its cool, buttery soft fabric feels draped against my skin. When I slip into something silky, my mood enters a state of elegance. My Dopamine level rises. My confidence level soars. My mischievous side kicks in.

When the Pandemic struck in 2020, and loungewear became all-day-wear, I didn’t want to succumb to wearing sweatpants every day. Yes they were comfy, but they were not particularly flattering or attractive, nor did they made me feel beautiful.  My traditional silk pajamas were nice - but as a 50 year old woman, let’s just say my girls didn’t get the support they needed, if you know what I mean.  Nor did they provide the discretion I wanted when the delivery man showed up at the door. Unless I wore a bra (aka: torture wear) underneath, I did not feel incredibly confident - let alone sexy.

That’s when my mission to find 100% silk loungewear with a built-in bra began. I could easily find nightgowns and camisoles sets with built-in shelf bras, but none were made from pure silk fabric. This dead end search led me to invent my own line of luxurious silk loungewear that replaces the hardness of athletic wear that we have come to wear for too long, with a much sexier built-in support system that also better suited my (mischievous) personality.

Proudly handmade in the USA at a local factory in New York, Ms. Mischief was designed to elevate, evolve, and liberate the way women lounge and live. Whether walking out of the bedroom, or heading into the boardroom, my elegant silk essentials are insanely comfortable, incredibly versatile, and will make you feel beautiful, confident, and glamorous (while turning heads) every step of the way.

Thank you for visiting our store, we look forward to getting you into some mischief!